An East Village Wellness & Studio 55 C Healing Happening

February 24, 2019 @ 2:00 pm – 7:00 pm
Studio 55 C
South Storefront, 55 Avenue C, New York, NY 10009

• 2/24 Sunday for a Healing Happening: A Listening Journey Through Radiance

• At Studio 55 Avenue C, NY, NY 10009 (at 4th St.)

• 2-7pm , Opening circle greetings 2:45

The East Village Wellness Circle and Studio 55C
Welcome you Sunday afternoon of offering by many participants of the past wellness gatherings.

Armand Ruhlman’s invite & vision:

“This event or process – this gathering of gentle souls – is based on and inspired by the garden wellness circles that have sought to bring folks together from various, diverse backgrounds. It could be thought of as a series of moments – of encounters – of exchanges. As a journey – individually and collectively.

On the one hand, The Healing Happening is an opportunity to share, to give – whether it be offered as a formal presentation from a practitioner of one kind or another – or offered as a friendly hello, “My Name is”… or offered as a sincere, individual expression of one’s true self within a circle or small group – in which the individual sharing can specify that whatever being offered is done in confidentiality within the confines of the group.

In particular, it is hoped that these various moments of individual expression will be of a creative nature: movement, dance, music, song, spoken word, story telling, guided imagery, etc. All of this happening within a constantly changing circle of participants – as some arrive – as others move on, and so forth.

But, of course, one could say that any kind of human interaction has a creative aspect to it, and that we’re all being creative every moment of our lives – to one degree or another. And, thus, one could think of these daily moments of creativity as (hopefully) being of a healing nature. Both physically and meta-physically.

And, on the other hand, The Healing Happening is an opportunity for listening. To listen to the others in the group – in an appreciative manner. And to listen to one’s self – (hopefully) nurtured by the group experiences offered in the Healing Happening – whatever they may be.

Thus, this coming together can become a healing experience – for the individual and for the group. And beyond – into the larger community.

So, please join us on this journey. Join us in this noble experiment. This expedition to both the outer and inner limits of our existence.”

— Armand


Donations are welcome and will benefit more free local grow, make, share wellness.


• Sonia Pēna: healthy bites
• Jocelyn Perez Blanco : Herbalists Without Borders: NYC Chapter members tincture demo
• Acupuncturists Rachel Kaplan & Wendy Henry Ear seeds that work with meridian healing.
• Energy Work by Maritday
• Wenting Chen leads a group discussion on sustainability (Translation in Chinese available)

• Opening circle 2:45 led by hosts

Wendy Henry Visualization, Wenting Chen: yoga, Tess Rose: Sound bath, Daniel Friedman, Spagyric Tincture of Horsetail Meditation, Armand Ruhlman, Dr. Martha Eddy Somatic movement, dd Maucher partner body work & improvisation.

• Closing circle 6:45 led by hosts.

Translation available
Spanish: English : Sonia Pēna
Chinese English: Wenting Chen
Offer to be a translator for another language.

Wheelchair accessible.