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Artist’s Statement

My work focuses on the intersections of art, ritual, and spirituality, and the ways in which creative process can document and facilitate personal and collective growth and evolution. My meditative and creative practices hold as a primary goal the experience and alignment of the physical and energetic aspects of the self. Drawing, painting, and embroidery become contemplative acts through which I transcribe visions of non-physical, numinous phenomena that arise during meditation. A successful work transmits an essence: a non-tangible quality that causes what feels like excitement, or an awakening. Completed compositions can be used as aids for further meditation, and offer viewers a quiet space to reflect and inquire about the experiences they have of matter, energy, and spirit in their own lives.

Chelsea Rushton holds a BFA with distinction in Creative Writing from the University of Victoria and an MFA in Visual Art from the University of Calgary, and she is certified at the 500 hour level as a yoga instructor. She is the developer and instructor of Art of the Soul: Creative Process as Spiritual Practice, a special topics lecture, seminar, and studio course that profiles 20th century modern and contemporary artists who engage in art-making as a method of spiritual inquiry and practice. Her creative endeavours have been supported by the British Columbia Arts Council, the Alberta Foundation for the Arts, the University of Calgary’s Centre for Research in the Fine Arts, and Calgary Arts Development.